Utah’s Arches National ParK

Day 7


These landmarks on a map can be famous and instantly recognizable, or sometimes they’re simple markers to help us navigate. ~ Cheri Lucas Rowlands 


Utah’s Arches National Park has the world’s largest concentration of natural stone arches. 

About 300 million years ago an inland sea covered what is now Arches National Park. The sea evaporated and re-formed more than 29 times, leaving behind salt beds thousands of feet thick.  For more information: National Geographic.com

55 thoughts on “Utah’s Arches National ParK

    • I hope you do, avoid summer heat if you can. We took the trip in June, started hiking in the early morning. It got over 90 F in the afternoon, no shady spot at all… Thank you for your comment, Dragon. 🙂


  1. a beautiful place – and you’ve captured some of its details well. this brings back memories from a looong time ago, long before i had ever heard of a digital camera. i was on a road trip to Utah with three friends for a couple of weeks, and we were amazed at how many different types of stone formations there are. we also visited the Grand Canyon, both south and north rims. what a fascinating planet we have! thanks for sharing. 🙂


    • actually, just to clarify – it was a road trip in Utah, not to Utah. we flew and saved ourselves several days of travel at both ends of the journey, and rented a mini van for the parts in between. i never knew how many canyons there were. definitely must-see! 🙂


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