I Too, Have Known Autumn Too Long (Cee’s Leaves)

IMG_1619- 0002

 A wind has blown the rain away and

blown the sky away and

all the leaves away and

the trees stand.

I think, I too, have known autumn too long.

~ E. E. Cummings (1894 – 1962),  American poet


Every single post that Sarah puts out is beautiful. I have been wanting to introduce Sarah’s photos to my blog friends and followers, but have had a hard time to choose one of her posts to make a link here.  Luckily, Sarah made a gallery including many of her exquisite photos.  You really don’t want to miss it. Click HERE.  

Thank you, Sarah!  🙂 




Visit Cee’s Fun Foto: Barks and Leaves



56 thoughts on “I Too, Have Known Autumn Too Long (Cee’s Leaves)

  1. Wonderful photograph Amy!!!! I was trying something similar but I was not able to catch the light as you have done!!! It is brilliant!!! And LOVE the quote as well!!!
    Thanks a lot for the link to Sarah´s blog!!! She is really talented!!!! The blog sphere is getting bigger and bigger!!!!

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  2. I love those leaves on the water! Beautifully reflected too 🙂 When we were children we used to make little boats from autumn leaves and twigs then set them off bobbing along down the river. We called them Faerie Boats and your photo reminded me of them 🙂


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