Originality Is Going Back To Origin (part 2)

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Gaudí neither started nor finished the Sagrada Familia. It was begun in 1882, he took it over in 1883 and is still under construction.



Fuse IMG_6194

Gaudi anticipated the difficulty of repairing the elements, including the high towers. He decided to add coasting with glassy mosaics, specially manufactured in Murano Italy, to resist the weather damage.

Decades later, they finally needed maintenance work, a group of mountaineers had to be called in to climb the towers to repair and clean them.


Gaudi made this model to test the gravity of the cathedral:


Here is another model Guadi made for creating the lights:


“Men may be divided into two types: men of words and men of action. The first speaks; the latter act. I am of the second group.

I lack the means to express myself adequately. I would not be able to explain to anyone my artistic concepts.I have not yet concretized them.

I never had time to reflect on them. My hours have been spent in my work.”  

~ Gaudi

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Originality Is Going Back To Origin (part 1)

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62 thoughts on “Originality Is Going Back To Origin (part 2)

  1. I’ve only seen a few photos of the interior, it’s nice to see some more!

    It’s amazing that work is still ongoing, but then again many of the medieval cathedrals took just as long to complete.


  2. so beautiful – Iike the colors and shadows in different shots –
    and the quotes at the end were great…
    “divided into two types: men of words and men of action…”
    so true so true.


    • Don’t you just love that quote? He was precise and blunt about men of words and men of action.
      Thank you so much for reading, Yvette. Glad you like the pics. 🙂


  3. Stunning… I love the capture of the light through the coloured glass, so beautiful. Well they are all well captured though. It certainly is different to the cathedral I saw which was mostly outer walls and the inside still a shell. 20 years later is has changed a lot, but unbelievable it is still incomplete.


  4. perfection – still under construction… 🙂 I’ve been to Barcelona several times, it’s only 3h-drive from Toulouse and all our visitors want us to take them there… 🙂
    * * *
    good night and have a formidable week! xié-xié, Mélanie


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  6. Amy!!!! These images just blew me away! The beauty and the colors and the structures and the HEIGHT made my breath stop in my throat. You really outdid yourself this time. Every image crisp, clear, exquisite!!! Thank you SO much for taking the time to show these. They just made my day!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


    • Awww… I know you standard for photos, you comment brought tears in my eyes. So glad to know you think these are crisp and exquisite. I’m smiling, will smile the rest of the day! 🙂 🙂 (((HUGS))) Amy
      PS. Is your husband going to start shooting. Can’t wait to see his shots! 🙂


      • Amy, you will NOT believe what happened. I am not posting this but I will tell you. As Bill was outside ready to shoot away last evening, he got an error 30. I called Canon and that means the shutter is not working properly. A brand new camera and there is something broken. I had to call B&H to tell them what happened (where I bought the camera), and received a UPS label in my email to print, to send the camera back. We are going to the UPS office today to get it shipped out. I am taking it harder then hubs is. Since I lost my photos, it seems as if a dark cloud has been over my head. Something GOOD will come out of this …. it just has to! Please don’t say anything, OK, Ame? I just want to get back to normal, focusing on LOVE and HAPPY. (((HUGS))) Amy


        • OMG1 What? How could it be… They will replace it for you, I am sure, it really takes a lot of patience and strength to go through what you have. So sorry to hear that… (((HUGS))) Amy


          • Yes, Amy, they are replacing it. At first they said the word “repair” and I exploded. No! I just bought this camera. It was concluded I would be getting a brand new camera. I told Bill last night it seems my Golden Touch has disappeared. Honestly, Ame, it’s been one thing after another, and there is more that I haven’t revealed on Petals. Just wow. Thanks, for the HUGS. I really needed them. Love, Amy


  7. It’s an incredible place isn’t it? We visited a couple of years ago and my husband and youngest son couldn’t cope with the tower – not good with heights! That was a shame because the views were awesome! You’ve really captured the heart of it with these images. I think the windows are my favourite 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad to hear you were there a couple years ago. It was so magnificent, I didn’t know how to take photos there. We went with Rick Steves group, didn’t get up to the tower. I remember the place was packed, inside and outside!
      Thank you for spending time here. 💖🙏

      Liked by 1 person

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