Birds are waiting and waiting…


Y’all dressed up this morning, what’s going on?


I heard Amy is in town. She is going to take lots of pictures of us.

I hope she likes my new outfit.


People take pictures here all the time, what’s the big deal?

Haven’t you heard about her blog? Lots of her friends and followers gonna see our pictures. 🙂


Look! the entire G’s family are standing there waiting…

Our Miss R is dancing in the middle of the street, Geez! Can someone tell her to cool down?

Not me! You know she always wants to be the center of attention … 😀


We have been waiting since 7 am. Where is Amy?


She is coming!  See she is trying to get her camera ready.

Hope she knows what she is doing… hehehe

About time, Amy!


I know, I know… I apologize. I’ll buy you guys lunch, okay?  Ms. Bee stopped me, she said that she’d be thrilled to have her picture on Jo’s Monday Walk. 


Mr. Grasshopper did not make an appointment, but he begged me to take a picture of him. I just couldn’t say no to him. He even posed for me for 50 seconds. 


Jo is taking us for a beautiful DURHAM FOOTPATH walk. Join us! 

Happy Monday! 🙂

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