Originality Is Going Back To Origin (Part 1)

~ Antoni Gaudí (1852–1926)


At that time, Gaudi and his team were a new generation that sought to define Barcelona, they want to define the city and a new urban space with new concept for the new era.


Gaudi reinvented facades, roofs, windows for Sagrada Familia. He despised grayness, rigidity and coldness, uniformity, and moroseness. For one building alone, In Gaudi invented 40 types of column.


Gaudi used organic forms and patters to provide a myriad of decorative features. His unique style drew primarily from nature, which is the key factor of his architecture design.


Sagrada Família become symbolic of Barcelona itself drawing an estimated 2.5 million visitors annually.  A very long waiting line to get entrance ticket and a longer line to get in the cathedral. 


Gaudi designed the church with 18 tower. 8 towers have been built, 4 on each facade. The facades are not connected and therefore have independent entrances.


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