Cee’s Fun Foto: Green


IMG_8431 (1)

Portland is green and beautiful. Sergio, our tour guide, took us to the Multnomah Falls, Horsetail falls, and Latourell falls. He explained that this water fall area can get 200 inches of rain annually. He went on, “Amy, you guys don’t get more than 2 inches a year in Texas.”  

Well, Sergio, let me show this photo. Does this look like we don’t get more than 2 inch rain a year? 🙂  


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Thank you for visiting. Happy Wednesday 🙂  

58 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto: Green

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  2. What a wonderful second shot! That reflection is just exquisite, crystal clear! It looks more like glass than water, actually. If I were there, I might try to step on it… 😉 So you do have rain in Texas, good to know 🙂


  3. He clearly made a mistake Amy and glad you could show him. It’s an awesome shot! 😀

    Great colours of green and stunning captures. 😀


  4. Beautiful and very bright greens dearest Amy ! Lovely refreshing views over the forest and among the falls,but the first one with the moss on the trunks is absolutely fascinating ! Loved the witty dialogue with the guide and the last reflective photo presented stole the scene ! Thank you Amy for letting me rest my eyes on those fabulous greeens!
    Take care my sweetest friend 🙂 ,kisses and hugs :))))))))


    • Those trees covered with moss are fascinating, Doda! The whole area was very moisture, when I walked out of there, I looked like I got out of shower. 🙂 I am not far from the last photo I took. Glad to share, my dearest friend. Kisses and hugs. 🙂

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