A Vast Dream Site

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Família-11

Sagrada Família-0001-3

Antoni Gaudi has turned Barcelona into a vast dream site and created the grand Sagrada Familia interior space with infinite possibilities.

Gaudi died on June 26, 1926. His vision and dream didn’t died with him, most of his work still remain unfinished.


62 thoughts on “A Vast Dream Site

  1. Oh, Amy, I honestly don’t know what to say. These pictures blow me away. The lines, the colors, the majestic soaring of it all. Incredible job photographing these and I really thank you for sharing them. Love, Amy


    • I honestly thought or hope you’d like this one. I was so overwhelmed in the cathedral I didn’t think I could capture a decent shot there, my hands were trembling most of the time… Thank you for your encouraging words! 🙂


      • You outdid yourself, Amy. The massiveness comes across, the incredible beauty comes across, the details, the reverence of she who took the photos came across. My hands would be shaking too, my breath caught in my throat, my Heart so so very still. I would be tiptoeing as if on Hallow Ground. Holy Ground. The places you go to how I wish I could. I’ve been dreaming traveling and I have been dreaming of a having a photography buddy. *sigh* I wish. (((HUGS))) Amy


        • I tell ya, that was exactly how I felt when I was there… I have not seen a photo of this Cathedral that addresses its massiveness, majesty… not even close. The Cathedral was jam-packed with people, but was quiet. So glad I could share it with you. I want to do a small series. You gonna have to come back. 🙂


  2. I was there earlier this summer. What an incredible building and fascinating that it may never get finished if all the construction and refurbishing is any indication.


  3. I got to agree with your summation. Who would have thought of such images. For sure everyone thought he’s lost his mind but that’s what makes Barcelona a fun place to see.


  4. Dear Amy ! You didn’t enter only the Holy Family Cathedral,you also entered the temple of Art,the temple of Architecture !!!
    Great your photos,amazing upward perspective all the way up and up until you meet the Divine …
    Perfect angles and lighting ! Bravo 🙂 xxxxxx ❤


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