Monday Walk: OP Schnabel Park

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O. P. Schnabel Park covers 202 acres. It was purchased by the City in 1964. The site was noted for its many oak trees, mountain laurels, and many other native vegetation.

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Mr. Schnabel was widely known for his efforts to “keep San Antonio clean and beautiful,” and mounted many clean-up and beautification campaigns. Because its natural beauty was in keeping with the interests of O.P. Schnabel, the park was renamed in his honor in 1977.


A long paved path was completed four years ago, which connects the OP park with four other local parks from the north part of the city to south. With both paved and unpaved paths, this park offers a range of paths and activities for people of all ages.  There are several 0ff-path mountain biking paths, and mountain biking has been very popular during the weekend.

white flower-01

Whenever I get to visit there, I can always discover some unusual, beautiful wildflowers in the woods.  The center part of these white wildflowers is a little over 1/4 inch.

weed green-01

The weather has been at around 90 F (30 C), 10 degrees above the normal temperatures. Luckily, we had rain last week, it brought back some wildflowers. 🙂

wildflowers purple-2

Every once a while, I run into deer in the woods. 


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Have a great week! 🙂 




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