When Will I See You Again (Alhambra part 4)

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The Gardens of Alhambra is the closest thing on earth to the Quran’s description of heaven.

The Generalife (means ”garden of the architect” ) with its palace and gardens was built as the summer residence and country estate of the Nasrid sultans of Granada. It is one of the oldest of the Moorish Gardens. 


There are elaborate well-manicured gardens divided up by trimmed hedgerows, vegetable patches, green labyrinths, and walking paths. 


Many trees in the Alhambra Gardens were planted more than 600 year ago. 

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“On such heavenly nights I would sit for hours at my window inhaling the sweetness of the garden, and musing on the checkered fortunes of those whose history was dimly shadowed out in the elegant memorials around.

…all was open, spacious, beautiful; everything called up pleasing and romantic fancies.”  

~Washington Irving “The Alhambra”

see you 4

When will I see you again?


Thank you for giving me the pleasure of sharing the four series of the Alhambra with you!

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