Toledo and Sevilla At Night



More WPC Nighttime

Thank you for visiting! Happy weekend 🙂

48 thoughts on “Toledo and Sevilla At Night

  1. I like your night shots -and the yellow hue n the one vs the violet hue in the other is also in sync with that complimentary pair – so the art teacher in me enjoyed the two paired up this week. 🙂 so nice.


  2. Shhhhh!!! I snuck on over here to take a peak. I miss you. It’s been all of 2 days. LOL Anywho …. these photos are breath-taking!!! Woweeeee!! Great job, my friend!!!! So glad I snuck over. Tee hee …..(((HUGS))) Amy


    • Okkkk…I really wanted to drop a line somewhere this morning, but I know you wanted to get some work done. I miss you already, it’s like you read my mind some hundreds miles away. So very happy to see you!!! Thaaank YOU to snuck over 🙂 🙂 (((HUGS))) ❤


      • I don’t know how much longer I can last. LOL I MISS talking to everyone! OH. MY. GOSH. But I must get this stuff done here so I can go to the Falls. That and the READER is driving me bonkers. I honestly was so upset the other day, I wanted to walk. Yep, time for me to just chill a bit. Hope you are enjoying my Autumn pics. I’ve got some more coming which give me the goosebumps. Your pics did the same thing to me. Goosebumps!! (((HUGS))) Amy


        • You do the most beautiful post and photos, and you do it with so much passion and love! I can feel it through every single of your photo and everytime. Your readers, blog friends, and me are all attached to your blog and connected with you. 🙂 ❤ ❤
          Btw, I keep telling myself to skip making posts for a few months to get some work done in the house and yard, I haven't been successful LOL.


          • We are a lost cause. Honestly, Amy! I admit it! I must admit though I am feeling better just being outside and getting things done, leaving both hubs and I with opportunity to go to the Falls. Things seem to be settling down about security and all. I’m not sure if I am willing to wait in long lines to get into Canada right now, so American Falls is doable. Perhaps next month I can get into Canada without hassles. We’ll see. LOL Now on to my “next to do”. I am SO happy you are enjoying my Autumn photos. I really stepped into that glorious magic last evening. The light has become “yellow” due to the leaves turning. It’s so cool. I am soaking this up in order to get through winter. Perfect blue skies, low humidity, bright sunshine, very warm, no wind …. ahhh…. the perfect September. Who would have thought after the terrible summer we had? MUAH! Talk to you later, gater! Love, Amy


  3. I was lucky to capture these few photos at night. Almost all the time in Spain, we had to get ready before 7 am, so staying late was not an option. These pics are okay considering I didn’t use tripod. Ao glad I could share them with you, M 🙂


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