WPC: Endurance (Trees)


Endurance is nobler than strength, 


and patience than beauty.

~ John Ruskin


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59 thoughts on “WPC: Endurance (Trees)

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    • Knowing how much you appreciate, I’m touched by your comment. The header is milkweeds, as you probably know already. They have endure a lot, due to the weather…


      • Change has come to me, Amy, not quite sure what so I am persevering through this. I have a post coming that changes are needed at Petals for me to to stay balanced with Life. That’s why the perseverence really touched me. Petals has gotten so big that it is no longer possible to work every day with longer and longer time spent on the computer. It is tandamount I cut back. This past week I had been struggling with illness, and just the touch of it, got my attention. Yep, I must slow down and make changes. You’ll get a better idea of what I am talking about when you see the post. It will probably go up tomorrow. (((HUGS))) Amy


        • Sorry to hear about your struggle with illness. It’s good to know that you need to slow down and make changes. Looking forward to reading you post and understand… Take car, Amy (((HUGS)))

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  2. So beautiful, Amy! I love the way the trees send their roots over, around, and under the rocks. Fantastic shots! I like your header too. Milkweed has such beautiful seeds, and you captured them brilliantly. 🙂


  3. Beautiful photos and wondrous rendering ! I love the quotes,your powerful words and your perspective ! You have always something special to share with us ! Love to you my very dear friend ❤❤❤ 🙂


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