It Is Perfectly Incomplete (Alhambra part 1)


~Queen Isabella


This painting shows the last Moorish King, Boabdil (left in Black) surrendering the keys to Granada to Ferdinand and Isabella.


Alhambra is the last and greatest Moorish palace, high-lighting the splendor of that civilization in the 12 and 14th centuries. Today, Alhambra attracts up to 8,000 visitors a day.





Alhambra 9-5 4


This is how Washington Irving described Alhambra in his “Tales of the Alhambra”:

“The transition of the tour of magical… We found ourselves in a great court, paved with white marble and decorated at each end with light Moorish peristyles… in the center was an immense basin or fish-ponds… At the upper end of this court rose the great Tower of Comares.”

Alhambra 9-5 5


alhambra 9-28-14

Queen Isabella added only one Catholic statue to the Moorish Alhambra Palace. The interior of the Alhambra remained relatively untouched.

As he handed the key to Ferdinand, Boabdil started to dismount and bow before Ferdinand. But Ferdinand would not let him, honoring his former foe as a worthy adversary. Humanity

Paradise on Earth (Alhambra part 2)

 alh columns-001_tonemapped

Heave On Earth (Alhambra Part 3)


When Will I See You Again (Alhambra part 4)

see you 02


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72 thoughts on “It Is Perfectly Incomplete (Alhambra part 1)

  1. A nice take on humanity. There were many points when the Moors and Catholics could co-exist. I wonder why it won’t work in modern times. I could never get tired seeing the Alhambra. With your awesome pictures I could get to enjoy it more – I could sit back and enjoy it without being rushed by hundreds of bodies. I look forward to seeing it again. Thank you Amy!


    • I love your comment, Bebs! Why couldn’t co-exist…
      My sentiment for Alhambra is because of its history–how Isabella treated and preserved the palace, which allows us (8,000 a day) to visit and pay the respect.


  2. Amy these are stunning pictures!!!! I went to Granada when I was pregnant with my son Max, 11 years ago. It was a southern Spain driving trip (not the best when you are three months pregnant, sick and have to use the toilet all the time) but Granada by far was my favorite. It was before I took pictures and so I have nothing but my memory. These are sensational photos. Moorish architecture is my favorite. 🙂 Beautiful entry!!!


    • Hi Nicole, So glad I could share the photos with you and brought you the memory. I was stunned by the Moorish architecture to say the least, and the history background made it even more majestic.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Amazing! I like visiting your blog to see wonderful photos and learn history, places… I must be a slow learner. It finally dunned on me this is “The world is a Book”. 😉 Every post is a miniature book.
    I wonder how long it took to build a palace like this. What an intricate design!
    Thanks, Amy. It’s a great way to start my day. Helen


  4. Amy – the photos! Wow. What stunning architecture; you must have been in your element.

    I just wanted to show my appreciation for your blog and let you know that I have nominated you for the Liebster Award: . You may have been nominated before, or perhaps it is not your thing, but if you’d like to accept the award I would be thrilled. Happy Monday!


  5. Oh Amy, this is truly over-the-top! I hope you are a history teacher because I learn so much about it from you. Most excellent. I confess I have NEVER heard of this place. I am now hooked. What a magnificent place!


    • So happy to see you Alexandria! I’m truly humbled by your comment. It gives me such a joy to share a small piece of historical information and a few photos of Granada with you. I may do two other series of Granada, hope you’ll like them.


  6. Amy Dear ! What a remarkable post my friend ! Your photos are so impressive and most professional with astonishing sharpness and perfect angles! Superb architectural elements and nice rich details ! I also liked your introduction with the painting! Great work Amy ! Have a brilliant and creative new week , love and hugs , Doda :)))


    • I wasn’t sure I took good photos of Alhambra at all… I was so emotional when I enter the place. It took me a while to get to do a post for Alhambra because I had hard time to decide how the best to introduce this glorious place since there are tons of gorgeous photo on the Internet. Thank you for letting me share it with you, dear Doda! ❤ ❤


  7. Human had built this world in their amazing ways as well as had destroyed it in many cruel ways. However, previous generations had contributed their lives to fill our heritage resources with wonderful creations 🙂 Thanks for sharing.


  8. This is such a stunning post Amy, and one of my favourite places on earth. I first visited as a child aged 12 and was enchanted forever……it’s so intricate and delicate and filled with wonderful rhythms and light….perfect captures 🙂


  9. Fascinating to see these photos and read the history. We hoped to visit during our too-brief time in Spain a couple months ago, but didn’t get up that far. Next time, for sure …. and your Alhambra posts inspire me further! 🙂


  10. I visited the Alhambra many, many years ago when I was 20. It was the most stunning thing I had ever seen, and your photos display it beautifully. It was not crowded at all back then. Today, I understand you have to make reservations. How things change. Thank you for the trip back in time.


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