Black & White: Segovia, Spain


Segovia, Spain

It looks like the clouds in these two photos add new dimensions to the landscape and stretch the distance a little further.

IMG_8459 (1)

Toledo, Spain

This is how the Li River has been described, “One hundred miles Li River, one hundred miles art gallery”. Indeed! 

Li River-2 

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TGIF!! 🙂 


42 thoughts on “Black & White: Segovia, Spain

  1. Amazing how clouds can play so much a part in an area one photographs. Some sceneries are even nothing when the sky is not that right. Then again, a cloudless/bland? sky can make a scenery less appealing.


  2. Your new buddy is wonderful,but at first I thought it was Sally’s ; they are so much alike especially when I see the small size. I love the purplish flowers !
    Have a peaceful new week :))))))) , Doda xxx


  3. Hi my sweet friend Amy ! I wonder if there are words to describe the beauty of the above masterful photos in mono ! The cloud formations are absolutely overwhelming and the river along the huge bounders is so spectacular !
    Hope you are keeping well,sending you love and hugs as always , Doda 🙂 xxx


  4. Brilliant cloud cover in the first and second photos. They make the town look small, and they remind me of candy floss. Love the photo of the Li River. Something’s so serene about it 🙂 Hope you’re having a good weekend, Amy.


      • I always like your photos and the short stories and background facts that go with them. So easy to learn about the significance of different places.

        It’s almost Sunday here, weekend going by too quick. Make the most of the weekend, Amy 🙂


        • I know Saturday alway goes fast, and Sunday is like half day, then it’s gone…
          Thank you for commenting my post. That is what intended to do– introducing the interesting spots and facts. Selecting and process photos can be a long process, thought it only takes a couple second to view… Now I have more viewers, I try to be a little careful or picky in that process 🙂


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