Toledo Cathedral

Toledo cathedral 2

High Altar, Toledo Cathedral



El Transparente is a unique feature of the cathedral. In the 1700, a hole was cut into the ceiling to let the unbeam brighten Mass.  The opening faces east, and each morning the rising sun reminds all that God is light.  Melding this hole with the Gothic church was a challenge… The result was a Baroque masterpiece, carved out of marble from Italy.

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Sriram said, “Nature I believe.. speaks when you are silent ..and is silent when you speak…”. Through his lens, he bring the majesty and dignity of nature and let nature speak the way you have never heard before.  Thank you, Sriram!

In his Alive post, Sriram said “It is beautiful to be sensitive… “


Sriram’s “A Hug…” will bring you to tears…


And, more…

50 thoughts on “Toledo Cathedral

  1. toledo cathedral is undescribable! the high altar shimmering in gold i want to go back there! 🙂 beautiful b&w photos, Amy. quotes from Sriram are eloquently beautiful.


  2. BRAVA! BRAVA! BRAVA! You earn a standing ovation and a sonorous of accolades with these shots. One of your bests… You captured the majestic perfectly. Great choice to turn into it into a monochromoe palette.


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