Cinque Terre, Dordogne, Dolomites, and Great Wall


— Hiking through the mountain trails to visit the five small villages of Cinque Terre was an awesome experience, and we revisited CT in 2012 for the third time.


— Canoeing Dordogne River in France; the second time was even better. 🙂


–A stunning view of the five million years old earth pyramids, Italy.Adven-6

— A great hiking experience in Dolomites, Italy.

great wall

— Climbing the Great Wall wasn’t as easy as it looks like, 2013.

My previous adventure post gives a wrong impression that I do paddle boarding 🙂  Actually, I meant to show how popular the paddle boarding is among youngsters in Austin.

These are the adventures we had during the past few years. If you have followed me for a while, you probably have already seen some of these pics here and there, and I apologize for the dups.

More WPC entries… 

Thank you for visiting! Enjoy Sunday 🙂    

75 thoughts on “Cinque Terre, Dordogne, Dolomites, and Great Wall

  1. OH, Amy, you are SO lucky!! These views are just awesome! To imagine being where you have been puts my heart up in my throat and a longing in my soul. What incredible adventures you have had!! Every single one of these photos took my breath away! Thank you SO much for sharing them with me. Love, Amy


    • Awww, I love to share it with you, Amy! But, you know why, these were taken with my pocket cybershot camera. I don’t bring big toy when I have to hike a lot 🙂 Thank you for letting me share. Love Amy


      • YES! Just for this reason the Samsung Galaxy (wish for Christmas) is so needed. When hiking long distances my camera equipment that weighs probably 30 pounds in a backpack on my back, is just too much. That and the spur of the moment pix! My android cellphone is not so hot (insert sad face here) in the camera department so it is either a Samsung cellphone or camera. I’ve seen the pix this Galaxy can do and it blows me away. I’ll be a very very good out-of-the-box-Amy so Santa will make sure he leaves that cam under the Christmas tree. LOL (((HUGS))) Amy


  2. Good morning, Amy. It seems like you know all the pretty places. Please take me with you on your next trip! 😉

    Ever since the internal device was broken and I have to switch to a portable internet connector, my internet is on and off all the time. I commented on your blog a couple of times and later found out my comment was not there. (I have to type this comment twice.) Oh well…

    What was on the top of those earth pyramids? Rocks? Amazing. Helen


    • Good morning, Helen. We, too, had to change the internet box last month. Hope you connector is working now.

      These are sands that were blown to the valley and it got accumulated through millions of years. The steep valley that pyramids set against actually protects these sad pyramids from bad weather and perhaps people, too. Is that awesome!! So glad you ask the question.

      There were a few sites in that area, but this is the largest one, and was very difficult to find. I don’t recall how we found it. I was in tears when we were standing there…

      I love to travel, and my hubby always lets me decide where to visit. But, I always complain the places we haven’t been. 🙂


  3. Beautiful shots. You sure do manage to get around. I’m in awe of your travels. My daughter took me stand up paddle boarding a couple of weeks ago. I loved it. You must give it a try although canoeing will probably remain my fave 🙂


  4. Wonderful adventures Amy – the Cinque Terra trip was one of my all-time favorites. I wasn’t using a digital camera then so my photos are all prints….sigh! Looks like we’ve taken similar paths along the way – your photos are terrific and I’m sure your memories are too!!


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