Paddle Boarding in Austin

paddle boarding -4

paddle boarding -5

 –Standup Paddleboarding in Austin, Texas

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62 thoughts on “Paddle Boarding in Austin

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    • It’s not my adventure, but those youngsters 🙂 I like canoeing though, and the best time we had was in Dordogne France. The first pic turned out good, the camera captured the water sparkles, as if they were cruising along a sea of stars. 🙂


      • Haha, Amy. You know it’s never too old to try anything 🙂 Not surprised there were sparkles in the water. I’m assuming the photo was taken in the summer when the sun was at its strongest 🙂


        • It was a hot summer day. I like to think “it’s never too old to try anything”, I also accept the fact that there may always be a limit somewhere. But, it doesn’t stop me enjoying what I can do… It probably is a good thing. 🙂 I appreciate so much of your encouraging words. Have a wonderful week!


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