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milkweed and bugs post

milkweed and bugs

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According to Live Monarch, this year AGAIN marks the lowest number of over wintering Monarchs in the Mexican mountains in the last 20 years… There are 97% fewer than at their recorded height and 50% less than there were last year. Researchers are worried we may lose a large part of their migration this year if immediate action is not taken and severely threaten all Monarchs if the pattern continues. Please plant seeds and ensure their survival.

If you love butterflies and flowers, get milkweed seeds here or go to http://www.livemonarch.com/free-milkweed-seeds.htm

“What a treat it was to ‘catch’ this butterfly as there are so few Monarchs around this summer. Plan for next year? Plant milkweed!”, Firefox said.  Take a look of her beautiful Hunting Butterfly post.

I’m very pleased with the responses of my previous milkweed post. Below was one of the three pics posted, showing the milkweed was turning into seeds:


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Happy Thursday 🙂


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