Monday Walk: Portland Japanese Garden

“There is no garden in which greater respect is paid to nature than in the Japanese garden.”

~ Johann Kraftner

japgard bridge

The most important material in the Japanese garden is stone. It symbolizes an island in the sea or an animal or gods who have descended from heaven.

port jangarden1

The raked gravel or pebbles represents the stormy sea, with its dynamic images of the waves.

port jangarden4

Another element is moss. It’s a symbol of age and honor. There is almost nothing more beautiful than a bank of moss in the flat light of the evening sun.

port jangarden3

The tea ceremony stands for a path of life and should. The four underlying principles of the tea ceremony are harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility.

port jangarden6

The longing for harmony ends in complete conformity with nature and an understanding for impermanence of existence.

port jangarden7

Reference: Johann Kraftner ” The Elegant Garden”

Visit Jo’s Walk: Captain Cook’s Monument and enjoy the glorious view and trail walk.

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