Monochrome Madness 25: Bridge, Austin

bridge-4 bridge-1

— Austin, Texas

I have done three black and white posts so far this week; one was for Cee, the other one for Sally’s Phoneography, and this one is for Leanne’s weekly MM. B&W photography is a new to me. With your encouraging comments and support, I’m loving it. 🙂

I took the first shot when I was walking up to the bridge from a trail. After crossing the bridge, I looked back and saw the river was flowing in front of the bridge, the trees graciously framed the scene, and the sunlight was coming through the trees. I really wanted to capture this scene.

If you are interested in monochrome, you don’t want to miss Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY. There you can enjoy the weekly monochrome photos submitted by over 50 participants.

One click, it took me to LD’s “Cry of the owls“. His two B&W photos truly are “perfection at its finest”.

Happy Thursday! 🙂

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