Trails in Austin

“Austin, Texas is an unusual combination of laid back attitude and entrepreneurial energy. Austinites are known for being friendly and non-judgmental; nonconformity and iconoclastic mind-sets are admired and support the unofficial motto, Keep Austin Weird. It’s a quirky city, part hippy, part hipster, with solid doses of music, art, history and business to tie them all together.”   ~ Covingtontravel

Austin river 21

Austin river 15

Austin is the Capitol of Texas, where the University of Texas is located. Yes, Austin is a city of fit, healthy, and intelligent individuals, what one would expect a city with a combined UT student population over 5,5000.

Austin river8

The 10-mile hike and bike Tail along the Colorado River/Lady Bird Lake is always popular with runners, walkers, and bikers.

Austin river7

Austin river4

Walking along the river and lake, you see how youngsters enjoy paddling on a Saturday morning.

Austin river5

Austin river6

Austin river 16


This week Jo is taking us to MONTMARTRE. You really don’t want to miss it.

43 thoughts on “Trails in Austin

  1. I loved this walk by the lake in Austin, Texas! I have never been there but wonderful to experience it here with your wonderful photos and I love the info too. Thanks so much Amy, I feel fitter and healthier just from reading this great post 🙂
    PS You know, it’s funny isn’t it, I would never expected to see Palm trees in Texas…a big surprise that for some reason 😉


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