Cee’s Fun Foto: Water

imageedit_JP Pond-2

imageedit_JP pond-6

These two pics were edited through the LunaPic.

I just read a 9-travel-theme post, brilliant!! This is how he wrapped it up: “When darkness befalls… One light can warm a heart. Enlightenment. One light can cure a troubled mind. Clarity. One light …” He takes great photos, but does not process/edit them. Well, these two pics here were heavily edited. Sorry, Rommel. 🙂  Many of my blog friends are also Rommel’s followers, so you might run into your friends there. Take a look.

p.s. Rommel has been my big supporter. He was one of my four, five viewers when I was a new “kid” on the WP block. He came regularly and always dropped me some encouraging words, like how awesome my photos and posts were when I knew almost nothing about photographing. He even tried to get his followers to visit my blog.  Thank you, my friend Rommel! I still get choked up whenever I read your “PEOPLE” post…

one light

“One light can warm a heart. Enlightenment” Indeed!!

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Happy Thursday 🙂


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