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The Alcazar Palace in Seville is essentially a Christian ruler’s palace, but in Moorish style by Moorish artisans.

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King Pedro abandoned his wife and moved into the Alcazar with his mistress. In 1364, Pedro decided to build the a palace and hired  Muslim craftsmen from Granada to re-create the romance of that city’s Alhambra in Sevilla.

Pedro family

Why a Christian king would build a palace using Islamic style’.  The answer was “King Pedro copied Alhambra that he wanted but could not have it.”

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In his throne room, Pedro received guests. The stucco on the walls is molded with interlacing plants, geometrical shapes, and Arabic writing.



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Monarchs preserved the palace and made additions with surprising sensitivity.


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The geometric patterns in art are mathematically precise, aesthetically pleasing, and symbolic.


The hall of the Ambassadors is a cube topped with a half-dome. In Islam, the cube represents the earth, and the dome is the starry heavens. With this symbol, Pedro proclaimed that he controlled heaven and earth.


  • An alcázar or alcàsser is a type of castle in Spain and Portugal built by kings to live in. The term derives from the Arabic meaning “fort, castle or palace” while the Arabic word is possibly in turn derived from the Latin word ‘castrum’, meaning an army camp or fort.        — Wikipedia

  • The original nucleus of the Alcázar was constructed in the 10th century as the palace of the Moslem governor. Read more…

King Pedro couldn’t have the Alhambra Palace. But, 120 years later, in 1492, Queen Isabella won and took over Alhambra Palace in Granada.

This post is the last one of the Alcazar series. Alhambra is coming up. Stay tuned. 🙂

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