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So very curious about how these circles, curves, and colorful sweets taste :)  

Happy, happy Thursday!











42 thoughts on “Circles/Curves

  1. SO manny sweets! I see chocolate, dougnuts, tarts….that’s a sweet set of photos you got there, Amy. I like how they all ended up being very bright, the colours stand out and sit very nicely with one another. I hope you bought some sweets for yourself.


    • I took these pics when we were touring Barcelona and Madrid. I didn’t eat much as I’d like to :) I used to make this kind of pastries, and cut the amount of sugar in half from the recipe.


      • But you did eat some of the sweet treats :D I’m sure they didn’t disappoint your tastebuds. When you’re baking, it’s always such a shock to discover how much sugar actually goes in the bowl. Cutting back on sugar is always a good idea – more sugar to make other sweet things another day ;)


        • I didn’t buy from these bakery stores though. I ate some wonderful deserts in the restaurants, delicious! :) I noticed that their serving size is small, which is a good thing.


  2. Absolutely stunning shots Amy! I don’t blame you at all for lingering there and taking these beautiful shots. That looks so delicious! Great entry! :D


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