“.. to bring light and love to those around me.”


“Our inherent nature is peace, just as it is love, compassion, beauty, generosity, joy and wisdom. Nature shows us all this, if we can take the time to be present, to open our senses and begin to perceive who we really are.”


“Yes, take time to be with your land, let all your senses take notice, a powerful spiritual practice indeed.”


“By understanding and cherishing the natural world we take care of ourselves and our planet.”


“When we pay attention we discover awareness radiates out endlessly beyond and into the body in every direction; this is a hint about our real nature, we are life, we are It, whatever It is.”


“For as long as I can remember I have wondered about the ‘spiritual’ side of life. My explorations have gone in many directions, but now I am content to do what little I can to bring light and love to those around me.”


Christine’s words in DADIRRIDREAMING

Christine indeed has brought light and love to us.

Miss you, Christine.

Thanks to Jo’s A Walk for Christine, Angeline’s In Memory of Christine, and Jo Bryant’s Goodbye My Friend




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