The Alcázar Gardens



These two photos were taken in the Alcázar Gardens in Sevilla. The Garden is very unique, there you can enjoy the merge of both Christian and Islamic tradition styles and architecture. I hope to do a special post for Alcazar in the near future.

Visit Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. Btw, I will be out-of-town for a week, will try to read your post and to blog via my iPad …

Have an enjoyable weekend! 🙂



51 thoughts on “The Alcázar Gardens

    • Glad you ask about the trimming, Neihtn. There were workers all over the place trimming, cutting… meticulously in the garden using electrical trimmers and by hands in a very quiet manner. I didn’t see machine rolls from alley to alley.


  1. Really neat , to be exact. can you imagine the personality that can manage those bushes…….You know, on second thought, most of the people in Horst, NL are just as meticulous. Great post!

    Love your tiled header too.


    • Thank you, Yvette! Glad you like both pic. I should be back home on Friday, may start working on a new post… 🙂 and will catch up reading your posts.


  2. Hmmm …. awful me, I didn’t actually realise the combination of Christian and Islamic influence. I just thought it’s all Spain-based. I love roaming around the maze-like paths. It’s as though every turn offers a lovely surprise. 😀


    • I think you will enjoy the garden and the architecture of Alcazar. I will try to put a few more photo for this glorious place in the near future. Thank you, Patti 🙂


  3. Gorgeous gardens! And they are just so beautiful in the spring. Unfortunately we didn’t get much time to linger around them. Looking forward to your post on the Real Alcazar.


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