The High Altar and Alcázar Dome


The High Altar (1481-1564) at the Cathedral of Seville was called the largest altarpiece ever made, 65 feet (19 meters) tall with 44 scenes from the life of Jesus and Mary carved from walnut and chestnut, blanketed by staggering amount of gold leaf. It took 3 generations to complete; the second phase was completed in 1564. The detail


The dome of the Hall of the Ambassadors at the Alcázar of Seville is glorious. This gilded wood dome is filled with multiple stars that symbolize the universe; and the interlocking geometric patterns make depth seem flat, completed in 1427.

When we were there, this Hall was crowded with tourists, and all the cameras were pointed to the dome. Quite a scene.

LD’s new series will blow you away!!!

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55 thoughts on “The High Altar and Alcázar Dome

          • Amy, I would be shaking too in front of all that gold. I cannot even image! How many people are starving in this world, yet this world holds such riches as this gold panel. I just shake my head. What did it feel like to be in the presence of such a vast enormous wall of pure gold? I’m surprised your camera even worked. Really.


            • I looked at as a treasure of the history. Plenty of gold was brought back to Spain from America during that time. I don’t know this gold-plated can save the world, but, many rich people are buying maga boats, jets, mansion, demonds, million dollars wedding, … plus how much money that we have spent on the war…


              • It makes no sense, does it, Amy? So few have SO much and so many have SO little? When will it balance out? Ever? I always ask these questions as I keep seeing our country (USA) getting poorer and poorer in most areas while the top elite get bigger and richer. *sigh* How did we get into this mess? …. hmmm…..


  1. Lovely shots. Seville always tops my list. Can you imagine my dismay when I suggested to someone to go see the Cathedral and didn’t even try after they got locked out because they were late? There’s a lot they missed. Spain is really beautiful, but most of all Seville.


    • I can’t imagine his/her diappointment… One of the attractions of Seville is that mix of the Christian and Islamic architecture. I agree most of all Seville!


  2. Astonishing pix, Amy. The only cloud on this shining magnificence is that it’s making me wonder where the gold came from, given the date of construction. Maybe Inca gold? It came out of South America in shiploads all melted down from temples and the gardens of the Sisters of the Sun.


  3. wow! great shots, Amy! gloriously magnificent! i really have to seriously think of seville. it’s one place i haven’t been to in spain. thanks for sharing.


    • You really would enjoy Seville! I’m glad we finial decided to take this trip. 🙂 We were told by the local people not to come back in July and August, burning hot.


  4. Seville is a place I MUST visit again. Only had one day trip there from the Algarve, a decade or so ago, and didn’t go into the cathedral, now I know what I missed!


    • Thank you for the compliment, Jo! I couldn’t get the full round shape of this glorious dome though I tried a few shots. Part is because I wanted to listen to the tour guide carefully and flow her through the tour route; besides, had to “flight” to get to get a spot to photo 🙂


  5. really great entry for the shine theme 🙂 ❤

    and Amy – I also had the chance to take some shots of my crepe myrtles – (and I linked it to you – or you can check out my summer pause post to see it)
    you know, the tree blooms I said remind me of your gravatar – well they are only "similar" a bit – but they make me think of you and I had to show you why… funny how we bring our blog friends into other parts of our life sometimes – how fun too.
    peace out….


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