Ronda Countryside, Spain


This Monday, we continue our walk from last week’s A Garden Walk in Ronda. 🙂

We had no idea how far the hotel was from Ronda. Once we were out of the busy town, we were on a unpaved, narrow (very narrow), and uphill road for a while. Though a professional driver was behind the wheel, we needed not to worry, but I began to wonder why we couldn’t just stay in town.

When we arrived, ah… the beautiful arch gate!


We first walked through this lovely courtyard to our room.


We then passed these resting patios, a wonderful extension of the hotel dinner room and lounge.


We were told that they had some rain that week. But, the day we arrived, it was a beautiful sunny day. The place was ablaze with flowers.


The next morning, I got up early and could wait to take a walk around the area.


The endless field and hills were covered with wildflowers, olive trees, and vineyard. I kept walking…

walk Ronda2-1

Thank you for taking a “walking” with me. You don’t want to miss Jo’s Monday walk   🙂

Have a great week!


58 thoughts on “Ronda Countryside, Spain

    • Thank you so much, Sue! It was a pleasant experience of staying in a hotel that is out in the field. I’m glad I could share it with your through these photos.


  1. I would have wanted to stay in Ronda too, Amy, but isn’t this place a delight? My favourite of your shots is the window with the bougainvillea. Absolutely fabulous! If ever I make that move to the Algarve I have to have some creeping up my walls.
    Thanks again for supporting my walking posts. I’ve really enjoyed sitting here visiting, with my cuppa. 🙂 Have a great week!


    • Bougainvillea was so beautiful in that part of the Spain. I was happy to capture this window. It really is my privilege to join your Monday Walk. Thank you for all the encouraging comments. 🙂


  2. oh wow – the arch in the first photo really grabbed me – GREAT shot Amy – not just for the start of the post – but it really highlighted the who scene. and I felt like in the last few photos I was walking with you through the wildflowers, olive trees, and vineyard…. such nice flow –
    and while all the pics worked so well for this walk ❤ – the huge splash of color and richness with the pink flowers in the window and on the side – well it was great. and the lighting and angle – but that color – amidst the others – just popped and adde much …;)


    • Aw, Yvette! How wonderful I could share it with you. Flowers were very happy under the sun after good rains. 🙂 I felt very fortunate to be there and be able to appreciate the beautiful nature. Thank you, Y!


  3. I can’t wait to see more photos of Ronda. I love that small town. Just when I thought I’ve seen it once, I’ve seen enough, here you come with these beautiful sceneries. My niece married a Spanish gentleman from Seville so for sure, I will swing by Ronda once again in the future. It is not very far from there.


    • I have more to share 🙂 I, too, love the small town like Ronda. How wonderful to know your niece is in Seville. Hope you get to see her and visit Ronda in the near future.


    • I’m so encouraged by your comment. I’m so glad we took the trip. Wish we didn’t wait this long to see the beautiful country. I love the people there, they are warm, happy, friendly, helpful… Hope you get to see Barcelona and other places in the near future.


  4. Lovely pix, Amy. I especially like the composition of the 2nd to last – the poppies in the foreground, the white wall and the dramatic conifers centre ground and then the hills beyond,


  5. thanks for taking us to this lovely walk, Amy! ronda is such a charming town and what a beautiful place to stay! i love these visits with you, Amy. such a happy space 🙂


  6. I was going to say exactly the same as Sherri! It is very much a California landscape! If it weren’t for the structures, I would have been certain it WAS CA. What a wonderful walk. I cam along late, but I’m glad I didn’t miss it! 🙂


    • I agree. Actually, the weather, hot and dry in the summer, is kind like CA. There are a lot of wildflowers reminded me of CA 🙂 Thank you for stopping by.


  7. great photos Amy – love the arch, the courtyard and the patios. I’d love to sit out there and enjoy a glass of wine. Were you on a tour then? Or did you book this independently?


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