Street Shades in Madrid



Many pedestrian streets in Madrid are covered with sun shades. These well designed shades help cool down the hot temperature in the summer, also add beautiful colors to the city.


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64 thoughts on “Street Shades in Madrid

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  2. Hi Amy – well the door blog does not have the best name (ha!) but it was set up by a guy who loves doors and then other photographers are invited to join in – and so later this week I will try and post a few from my walk last week…. but maybe you should join?? or at least peek in….

    have a great day and thanks for making time to drop by my blog – you rock!


        • I feel funny to admit that I don’t know the name of the flower. I picked the flower pic at the time was because we just came back from our Italy trip, and I remembered vividly the sweet smell the flower that grew beautifully in Lake Como. 🙂


          • well it has a nice story! Italy baby! and it kind of reminds me of some crepe myrtle blooms – not sure if you know if this treat, but the crepe myrtle is a southern beauty and I have white ones blooming right now and your gravatar reminds me of them – I will take a picture later this week because I am thinking of doing a quick garden post – I will come and leave you a comment when I do – just so you can see the white flowers… 🙂 have a nice day Amy ❤


            • These flowers are not tree flowers like crepe mytle, and are much smaller. I don’t quite remember the scents since it has been a while. I look forward to your garden post. 🙂


              • Thanks amy = and well, I am so curious to see if you ever do find out what they are…. and whew, I hope I get to the garden post this month – we shall see – and I actually think I could keep a garden blog and post every day and not ever run out of ideas or material – but only so many hours in the week – ya know? 🙂 ❤


  3. great interpretation! I bet they need them in the summer months too! They protect you from pigeons too! We could do with some here – to protect us from the swifts flying overhead all the time 🙂


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