Horse dance practice at Andalusian




The beautiful horse dance practice at an Andalusian horse farm nearby Jerez, Spain!

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51 thoughts on “Horse dance practice at Andalusian

  1. Oh my!!! I love that horse!!! So beautiful!!!
    I love horses but I am afraid of them…I rode one some years ago (well, I tried…) and I found it so so so high.,..And without any brake at all!!!!
    I loved the experience…But I was terrified!!!
    Those Andalucian Horses are magical..Delicate legs..And great mind!!!


    • I have heard about the terrifying experience… It seems so easy and much fun when watching the horse riding on movies. 🙂
      Thank you for the sharing your experience and providing the info of these special horses!


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  3. these shots are awesome – and the horse is so deft and skillful – but you know, the ceiling in the third photo was so interesting to me – and the trio fit so well together – great take on the challenge. 🙂 ❤


    • I admire you keen observation. Now I see the interesting ceiling 🙂 Appreciate you nice comment, as always!
      Have an enjoyable weekend, Yvette ❤


    • Hi Cindy, I thought about you the whole time when we were in the farm. We saw many handsome horses there. I remember your beautiful horse posts. Are you back from your fabulous vacation?


  4. Beautiful portrayal of horse and rider as one. I used to do dressage and even though the rider looks so calm and ‘still’, I’m sure every muscle in his body is working – and the horse’s!


  5. Oh Amy, Just seeing the city name Jerez makes me happy. I was there in 2008. We went to a bodega and for the bull run. Thank you for the memory nudge. Spain is very much associated with horses, so this post is not a surprise. Just goes to show how well you captured their culture. 😉


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  7. Amazing photos dear Amy ! You have so effectively captured the beauty and the flexibility of the great dancer !!! The postures and the movement of its body show how well it is trained ! Love and hugs ,Doda :-))) xxx


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