Birds and Bird Nest (Toledo)

bird TS-7

I captured these birds (three are in the nest and one is  on roof) while walking in Toledo countryside.  That was the moment I wished I had brought my long lens.

Thank you so much for stopping by! Happy Thursday 🙂


50 thoughts on “Birds and Bird Nest (Toledo)

  1. What a cool shot. I understand what you are saying about your long lens, it would have been nice to have both this shot and a shot using the long lens. This photo goes a long way to tell a story though, in a way that the long lens would not have.


      • Good! I know how frustrating it is not to have a long lens – in your case, to hand – but in my case at all! Only yesterday I stopped to watch the surfers and took a few shots, trying like mad zoom in on them as much as I could without a tripod, metaphorically crossing my fingers as I did so when up beside me loomed a humungous dark cylinder – oh my! I almost cried, when I thought of the shots he’d get and almost cried out. I couldn’t refrain from commenting – something like ‘talk about making a person’s point and shoot look pretty puny’, he laughed, then consoled me a little by pointing out what a palava it was, lugging that lens around. Interesting though – he left long before me, complaining the waves weren’t up to much. But it was after he left that I got my best shots. So you see … 🙂


  2. Birds, birds, birds. Seems like I”m seeing a lot of birds photos around WordPress lately. And I love them, your photo too. They seem to be looking very much at home up there. Though I reckon the bird on the far right seems to be looking up and the grey clouds and wondering if it’ll rain…torrentially 😀


    • I found it’s challenging to capture birds. It does look like it has been their home for a while. Actually, it rained later in the morning 😦


      • 😦 That nest looks perched precariously on the rooftop. Wonder why the birds in your picture chose that spot. Seems strange. I don’t think it takes long for birds to build a birdnest, though. So I’m sure they rebuilt in a jiffy if the rain did brought it down 🙂


  3. A lovely atmospheric shot, Amy. I’m looking forward to more of Toledo 🙂
    Amazing the differences, even in the European cultures. I was reading Michael Palin’s ‘Hemingway Adventures’ while I was away and the chapter on Spain was particularly vivid.


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