The last night in Seville


We knew we were going to have dinner together on our last night in Seville, but didn’t expect the horse carriage rides in this grand historical city before the dinner party!


— So much fun to take pics of each other on the carriage.


— Cheers!! G was a happy camper there 🙂

— D was focusing on pouring the champagne. Obviously, both D and J paid no attention to the grand view of the city. 🙂


— Ng couldn’t stop laughing… he blamed on me, “You are having too much champagne, Amy!”. “Who’s talking, Ng!!!” I shouted back. The driver was like what’s going on (??) 😀

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47 thoughts on “The last night in Seville

  1. Amy – your photos have such nice color and all the different angles give us a feel of the unexpected experience. But you know – my favorite part of this post has to do with all the lively shots of the people! If ever a post showed joy, showed living – and showed a feel for life – this one captured it – all the action that is felt from the pictures is subtle – but once you start seeing that in each shot – the people inside the carriage are doing different things and this and that.

    and the last one – oh my gosh – Ng’s laugh and arm up is a great – but look at the carriage driver’s face – LMAO –
    two thumbs up for this lively post.


    • What a nice comment, Yvette! I appreciate you look these fun photos so carefully. It was challenging to take photo on the carriage, only a few came out okay. I agree, the capture of Ng’s laugh and arm up was priceless.
      Thank you so much your two thumbs up 🙂 It means a lot to me, Yvette.


  2. so glad to see you had a ride Amy … did you notice how all the horses are the same size, i think they must have been bred for centuries to pull these carriages 🙂


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