WPC: On the Move (Bee)

purple-bee -1

purple-bee -2

purple-bee -3

While walking, I saw this beautiful purple bloom that was waving at me by the trail, I quickly set my camera to macro. After snapping a couple pics, I noticed a Bee was flying toward this flower when I was snapping, it then happily landed on the flower. I felt so lucky to capture the bee on the move. I thought to myself what a beautiful present from Mother Nature on Mother’s day. 🙂

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Thank you for stopping by! Happy Tuesday 🙂




65 thoughts on “WPC: On the Move (Bee)

  1. It’s gorgeous,dear Amy ! You managed to so effectively capture a wonderful series of actions ! The busy bee looks fantastic on the purple bloom ! Great work,nice Bokeh backdrop !!! Doda 🙂 xoxoxo


    • My camera did its best, it was fixed on macro for the flower rather than moving (wish I knew the bee was coming). When I saw the bee, my heart was beating fast :). I’m sure my hands were shaking badly…


        • You are absolutely Right, Rommel. Blog is about sharing, mostly unique experience and stories through photos. It is not so much about the perfection of images. Otherwise, we can just go to NG photo site, why blog? Easy to say, I know I can’t never get there.
          This is why your blog is so different and awesome!
          Btw, I hop you are safe from the fire threat? Terrifying…


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