Travel Theme: Glow

sky glow-20

This scene was captured in the early morning. While the sun was about to rise, layers of clouds gradually formed and then rolled into waves… Above the edge of the sunlight, cloud formation began to change. A few minutes later, the cloud was shaped like a fish, as if it was swimming toward the waves of ocean in the sky.

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70 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Glow

  1. AMY!!!! This image is awesome!! How calm you are about it as you describe it. You caught something extraordinary! Magnificent. Divine! Magical!!! OH owowowowowowo! I have the goosebumps!!! Thank you thank you thank you for this Gift!!! Love, Amy


    • So happy you like it! I have never seen a scene like this before. The waves of ocean in the sky, unbelievable. I felt so lucky and thankful; and I was the only one standing in the field watching…


          • Sweetie, we all do. It is matter of making a hard manual switch, an attitude change. You can either wake up to a hard morning, a dark morning, or you can choose NO I will have a good day darn it! Or at the very least I shall try. There have been some mornings, I am swaying with fatigue, this just getting out of bed mind you, hanging on to my countertops. I start saying mantras and keep saying my little sayings that I do until I feel better. And I keep moving, doing, intoning in my head, I CAN DO THIS, and I do. All it GOOD, Ame. All is good!!!! Love, Amy


  2. well Amy – I really loved the photo you gave us here – and I was just enjoying it as-is – you know – with all those tasty trees farming in it – and the orange glow…
    and then I read your words and it made the picture come alive. that was the best part…

    “the cloud was shaped like a fish, as if it was swimming toward the waves of ocean in the sky…”
    thanks for sharing this glowing glimpse – especially because as I write this – we have rain!! 🙂


    • I appreciate so much of your comment, Yvette! I’m encouraged to share this magical moment with you.
      We can use some rain here, haven’t had good rain for weeks…. Have a wonderful day 🙂


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