Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters and Characters

I chose a few ancient characters for this week’s challenge.

The parchment manuscript Book of Gospel, 12th Century:

–The Byzantine Museum, Athens

Babylon Building inscription of King Nebuchadnezzar II (634 BC – 562 BC):

–The Pergamon Museum, Berlin

The Pergamon Musum in Berlin has a great collections of the Tell Halaf ruins, which is located in northeastern Syria, near the Turkish border:

— The Pergamon Museum, Berlin

Ancient Chinese characters found on oracle bones, which were animal bones or turtle shells used in divination in Bronze Age China, 14th -11th centuries BCE to c. 1200–1050 BCE.


Photo soure: Wikipedia


The oldest inscriptions that are recognized unequivocally as Chinese date from about 1200 BC and were found in Anyang, the capital of the Shang Dynasty (商朝 – 1600-1046 BC) in 1895. Some 400,000 fragments with inscriptions in the Oracle Bone Script have been found. Several thousand bones and plastrons have been reconstructed and many thousands of texts have been studied.  Read more….

–Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto

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