Jo’s Monday Walk: Countryside (part 2)


Allow me to share a few more photos of our Texas countryside walk.

These handsome horses were just standing there, they didn’t pay attention to us… Do horses ever sit or lay down?


These red wildflowers are the Indian paintbrushes. They start blooming the same time as the Bluebonnets and in the same areas.


I really wanted to take photos of the ranch through the wire fence, but hubby won’t let me step on the grass, “Snakes might be hiding there. I’m serious!” He told me repeatedly.


This beautiful countryside is only 20 miles away from Austin (Texas Capital).  See the earlier Countryside walk click here.

Indian paintbrush-4

Jo takes us to GUISBOROUGH FOREST AND THE PRIORY for a grand walk, you don’t want to miss it. Join us and share you walk and photos.

Thank you for stopping by! Happy Earth Day 🙂



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