“Two Different Lives”


Two Different Lives — Photograph by Merve Ates, National Geographic Your Shot

“I was traveling between the European and Asian sides of Istanbul, Turkey, by ferry,” says Your Shot contributor Merve Ates. “I was sitting on seats outside, accompanied on my journey by seagulls. The boy on the right was sitting next to me. … It seemed like the man and the boy were sitting side by side. In reality, the old man was reading the Koran, while the young boy had a worried look on his face. Two separate lives, together in the same frame.”

It seems to me, the Merve Ates’ photo reflects a man’s life journey — from a young boy with worries and wonders into a calm state of mind of an elderly. Perhaps, it’s a “one life” capture.

Have a great week 🙂


53 thoughts on ““Two Different Lives”

      • I did get a lot done today, Amy. Thank you. Tomorrow’s post (first one) will reflect that. Your post really made me stop and think how everyone is in his or her own world, all directly from thoughts. And choices. And attitude in life. How calmly that older gentleman sat, while the younger boy was very evidently tied up in worry. Could age bring upon with it Wisdom, to learn not to worry? You’ve really given me a lot to think on, and I really thank you. This might even lead to a post of my own. Tremendous gratitude!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


        • Hi Amy, I just remembered a quote that I used — It is only when you reach the finish line do you realize you were your only competition.– Frederick A Babb. I guess some people will continue to compete and not realize “you were your only competition”.
          Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me.


          • My pleasure, Amy. I like talking to you. This is what I miss on a grand scale due to me out in my gardens. I LOVE to talk. And to think. And to encourage. And to LOVE. I love to LOVE, Amy. My heart just loves to love. (smile) Now off I go to clean up the kitchen, give Molly her medication, brush my teeth and pass out when I hit the pillow. Sending my LOVE to you and who YOU Love, Amy


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