Jo’s Monday Walk: A Countryside Walk


Last Saturday, we decided to visit a couple wildflower spots mentioned on the online daily report and FB. Those gorgeous wildflower sights stretched for several miles along the state highway. As everyone was driving at around 50 mph, there was no way to stop to enjoy the sight.


“So, no photos for this trip??? ” I got irritated. Minutes later, hubby made a smart turn onto a gravel road. We were pleasantly surprised by the beautiful scenery. My camera was so ready!

I love the shot below. These birds were staying by the side of the cow. When I was walking toward them, birds took off immediately, and I able to capture the scene.

cow-birds 5

Ahhh….  a sea of wildflowers…



It wasn’t a long walk, but a very pleasant one. It did take while to get there though. Thank you for being my chauffeur, B! I know you’d rather be watching the Masters Golf Tournament   🙂

I lost for words when I saw this post, actually every single post that Cindy put out is stunning. Prepare for heavy traffic. 🙂

Pit, this one is for you. Welcome back!

Take an enjoyable walk with Jo and share your walk.  Happy Tuesday!



42 thoughts on “Jo’s Monday Walk: A Countryside Walk

  1. Ahhhhh…..what a delightful post. I LOVE the meadows with the wildflowers and the birds along with with the cows. That you for taking me for a drive in the country. Thank you, Hubby, for stopping! Love, Amy


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  3. I can’t get over how lush the spring pasture looks Amy. You’re transforming my conceptions about Texas! Lovely to see the fields of wildflowers again this year – they’re one of nature’s supreme sights, I think. 🙂


  4. I need to do just that. Stop and take a scroll at a whim. Maybe then I can capture awesome and lovely pics like you did. I love the cow-birds picture as well. The problem with me is that I’m one who always feel the need for speed. Ooops. 😀


    • It wasn’t easy to get my husband to stop, especially when he is behind the wheel on the highway 😕 I must be really irritated that got him to make the turn 😀 Glad you like the cow-birds shot, wish I brought my 250 mm lens and tripod.


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