Jo’s Monday Walk: Texas Bluebonnets And Wildflowers

Ahhh… our state flower is in full bloom!

Blueb-1When bluebonnet stretching from roadsides to the sides of highways, it transforms the landscape into a blue sea, literally. And, almost everyone is out in a field to snap the breathtaking scene. Several wildflower and bluebonnet websites give us daily reports of where the best sightings are, and people volunteer to compile their wildflower observations.



“Wildflower landscapes can help us save water, wildflowers can save time and maintenance money.” Mrs. Lady Bird Johnson advocated. On December 22, 1982, her 70 years old birthday, Mrs. Johnson and Helen Hayes established a National Wild Flower Research Center to preserve the diminishing wild flowers and native plants. She also donated 60 acres of land and a lump sum of money for research. Now, we are enjoying the result of her vision.



The bluebonnet was designated the official state flower of Texas in 1901. Jack Maguire, historian, wrote, “The bluebonnet is to Texas what the shamrock is to Ireland, the cherry blossom to Japan, the lily to France, the rose to England and the tulip to Holland.” W. Lee O’Daniel goes, “… bluebonnets are one of the prime factors that make the state the most beautiful land that we know.”


Take a walk with Jo and join Paula and Sue… 

Happy Monday 🙂







72 thoughts on “Jo’s Monday Walk: Texas Bluebonnets And Wildflowers

  1. What a fabulous sight they are, Amy! I never think of Texas as being such a colourful state, because it gets so hot, I suppose. What a grand lady Mrs. Ladybird was 🙂
    Thank you so much for joining in again, and for including the links to Paula and Sue.
    You may have noticed that as the walks come in I include a link to them at the bottom of my post. Then tomorrow they all go on my Facebook page. I do appreciate your kindness and support in this. Have a great week!


    • We stay in the air conditioning buildings or go to Rocky mountains in the summer 🙂 But winter is very short though. Thank you for bringing the nice traffic to my blog 🙂


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  3. well thank you ma’am – I recon this was a might fine post – that was supposed to be my Texas accent attempt to go with the Texas bluebonnets – lol
    loved the walk with you…. 🙂


  4. So much beauty and colour,dear Amy ! Love the expansive flowered fields and the angles you have captured them.They look like fine carpets with elaborate patterns !!!
    hugs, Doda xxx 🙂


  5. These are really beautiful shots, what an amazing sight…. that rippling sea of flowers. What a lovely part of the world you live in. Soon our bluebells will be out, but for now it’s the wild garlic which is stealing the show!


    • This open garden (Wildflower Seed Co.) is only a few miles away from Fredericksburg, TX, west of Austin. Mrs. Johnson’s foundation enables the state to spray hundreds tons of wildflower seeds by the side roads and highway…


    • This year is the best year for bluebonnets. They bring so much joys to people. Thank you for letting me share it with you. Happy Wednesday 🙂


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