Beaver Creek, Colorado


Beaver Creek used to be one of our favorite ski places when we were living in Boulder, Colorado. Now it’s been a perfect place for us to escape Texas summer heat.


This is such a beautiful village for hiking, biking, and scenery-gazing during summer. Last time, when hubby attended a week-long retreat here, I enjoyed my daily walked/hiked along the trails.


Beaver C




The lovely town of Vail is only a few miles away from Beaver Creek. But, both Vail and Beaver Creek have been commercialized and overbuilt, lots of shops, art galleries, condos, and restaurants, besides luxurious accommodations. It does make you wonder where have all the trees gone…


Thanks to Jo for her inspiring Monday WalkHope you will join us and share your walk, thoughts, stories, and/or photos 🙂

Have a great week!

84 thoughts on “Beaver Creek, Colorado

  1. This is a lovely place, and you’ve presented it beautifully. I have family and friends in Colorado; should I go visit, I’ll have to see if this can be worked in to the trip.


  2. Absolutely glorious, Amy! I’d heard about this place and Vail for the skiing but you know I’m a sunshine person. It’s absolutely beautiful. 🙂
    Also, I’m very touched that you’ve called it ‘Jo’s Monday walk’- that’s very sweet of you. Thanks so much for taking part. I can tell I’m going to enjoy this.


  3. Came here via Jo’s reblog – though I am ashamed I haven’t found the time to visit you before as I know you have visited my blog. 😳 This area looks almost Alpine in Europe. Very pretty, I wonder what it was like before all the building. Denver and the Colorado Rockies are on my list …sigh!
    Jude xx


    • I love to visit your blog, Jude 🙂 I remember seeing more trees and it was greener then. Now, you see shops, buildings, and tourists in these places.


  4. Fascinating photo-series,amazing views and refreshing spots !!! You have done superb work,dear Amy ! You have so effectively captured both places that I have to admit you pleasantly travelled me.Oh,dear friend,I have really rested my eyes on the relaxing scapes and the lush natural beauties ~~~~~~♥


    • It really is sad, it changes every year. Vail are growing out of control. That’s all I’m worrying about when I visit these towns. Last time, when we were there, I noticed miles of pine trees were turning brown, my husband said that it could be acid rain….


  5. I was going to put “absolutely gorgeous” but then I noticed Jo wrote it :D. This looks heavenly Amy. I am glad to know you have such a nice place within your reach to escape the heat. Beautiful, beautiful captures!


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