The Sun, the Earth, the Space Station,…


Here is an awesome reflection image by NASA!

“In one portrait Aki Hoshide captured the Sun, the Earth, the International Space Station, and his own helmet. The Japanese astronaut was part of a 2012 expedition to the space station.” — Exploring the Farthest Reaches, National Geographic

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36 thoughts on “The Sun, the Earth, the Space Station,…

  1. Really cool Amy! I have not been receiving my email subscriptions lately nor other WP emails. Not sure what is going on so I have to dig back through my reader. Hopefully I can get this cleared up. Are you having any similar issues?


  2. The Sun, the … , …, and your inventive mind,dear Amy !!! Who else could have thought of presenting this notable NASA image for a daily post and for cosmic reflections ! Huge congrats,my dear friend ! Your post today is absolutely high-minded ! Have a nice Sunday ♥


    • I appreciate your comment, Doda Dear! Where can you get a capture like this other than out in the space 🙂 It blew me away… and I just had to share it with you and my blog friends. {{{hugs}}}


  3. thanx for this wonderful souvenir, Amy… we lived in Houston, TX-NASA area for 5 years, my hubby is a rocket and satellite scientist and he worked for the ISS… we had the chance and honor to meet astronauts and to watch shuttles take-offs and landings in the mission control room…


      • wow of the wow, indeed… 🙂 my hubby would have lunch with John Glenn now and then at the NASA cafeteria and we both met Eileen Collins – first lady commander of a space mission and her hubby, our neighbors in Clear Lake(NASA subdivision) – all wonderful, funny, approchable and humble guys…(they loved my French cuisine, too! 🙂 )


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