Sunday post: Transportation

The San Diego Model Railroad Museum is to preserve the heritage of railroading through a series of miniature representations of California. The mini trains take us through mountains and to small towns, oil fields, farms, and cities back in the old times.

mini train-18

At 27,000 sq. ft., the museum is one the largest indoor model railroad displays in the world and the only accredited railroad museum in the USA.

The detail work is exceptional!

The detailed work is exceptional!

People are waiting for train at the station and automobiles waiting for the train to go by.

The train is coming…

Do you see a car accident at the bottom right corner?

Ooops, there is a car accident on the street…

Notice the road construction work

Watch out, we are fixing the road right behind you…


Take a look of the incredible details of the mini models:

mini train detail-2

mini train detail-1

See the details of the bridge and rocks.

The construction of the model railroads is accomplished by volunteer club members. The operations of the trains are controlled by the computer and engineers:

mini train-4

Our train system has made a great impact on people’s everyday lives.

Jake’s Sunday Post Transport is a must-see!

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