the Pergamon Museum in Berlin

These ancient treasures are on display at the Pergamon Museum in Berlin:

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The Pergamon Museum truly is a world-class museum. It houses the gigantic 52-foot-wide Pergamon Altar, 95-foot-high Market Gate of Miletus, and 575 BC Babylonian Ishtar gate.  All were carefully reassembled and reconstructed for the display.  The collection’s focus is the Middle East, including Egypt and Iran.

Many ancient Chinese bronze treasures (13th Century BC to 200 BC) are well-preserved in the Xi’an and Shanghai Museums:

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There are two remarkable ancient treasures in the Xi’an Museum. One is The Neolithic period water jar, take a look… 

Ancient China water jar, 5000-3000 BC

Ancient water jar, 5000-3000 BC

Xi’an (Chang’an) is one of the four ancient capitals (other three are Rome, Athens, and Cairo) in the world history. It was the capital of 13 most glorious dynasties in Chinese history.

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25 thoughts on “the Pergamon Museum in Berlin

  1. I never tire of seeing these ancient pieces of art, Amy. No matter where they reside, I’m just so grateful they’ve survived to tell us a story about their original culture and civilization. These are really superb examples!


  2. Interesting museum,superb selection of exhibits perfectly displayed by you,Amy. Felt as if I was in the museum beholding the powerful and elaborate works of the ancient civilizations. You are a great guide dear friend ~~~~~♥


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