Western Heritage Parade Part 2

Western Heritage Parade Part 2!

cowgirls parade-1

The Alamo City kicked off the rodeo season with a cattle drive through the heart of the city and the cowgirls were all doozied up for this big event.

cowgirls parade-9

cowgirls parade-4

cowgirls parade-2

cowgirls parade-11

cowgirls parade-10

Charras in parade wearing the traditional Adelita:cowgirls parade-7

cowgirls parade-5

Miss Rodeo Texas, 2013!

cowgirls parade-3

This beautiful young girl is proudly riding on a handsome horse all by herself.  She shows a lot of confidence… Perhaps, she could be our future Miss Rodeo:

cowgirls parade-8

Hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of this special parade. Cowboys are coming, stay tuned 🙂


  • Here is a great link to Escaramuza, it has a documentary information: http://onlyagame.wbur.org/2012/09/29/escaramuza. Thanks to Angeline for sharing the link.
  • The Asociacion de Charros de San Antonio actively supports and preserves the Mexican tradition, art, culture, and history.
  • Escaramuza presents a sport with historical roots in the Mexican revolution. It follows Las Azaleas, a gutsy team of women rodeo riders vying to represent the U.S. at the National Charro Championships in Mexico. Escaramuza, or “skirmish,” describes both the daredevil horseback ballets, ridden sidesaddle at top speed, and the intensity of the competition season.  Read more….

See Western Heritage Parade Part I:

Rodeo parade-4


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