Cee’s Fun Foto: 50 years or older

When we visited Gulin last May, our tour guide took us to the countryside of the city to visit a traditional Chinese family. The house had been there over 300 hundred years and owned by the same family.

After giving us a grand tour of their house and courtyard, the gentleman happily demonstrated his daily workout:


While chatting with them in their living room (our tour guide was our translator), he said that they ate the organic vegetables from their garden and his wife made fresh soy milk and tofu daily with the aged stone grain mill. He then treated us with peanuts he grew and his wife roasted. It was the most delicious peanuts I had ever had.


Their family treasures:

treasures-1 b-w-3

His wife said that he started his day in the early morning, working in the vegetable garden, walking, and biking for hours, then visiting friends, relatives, children, and grandkids, and taking care of the courtyard and the 300 hundred-year old house. Before we left, Peter, the youngest guy in our travel group (early 30s), asked to have a picture taken with the gentleman. IMG_2166

We thought the gentleman was at his mid 50s, actually, he was 72 years young!

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Note: Traditionally, Chinese are proud of their old age since aging is a symbol of wisdom, fortune, luck, and/or happiness, thus elderly people are treated with respect. This tradition is well preserved in Guilin. See unique Li River of Guilin.

I enjoyed reading Anna‘s Istanbul posts. She has posted beautiful photos of this glorious city with great historical information.

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