Western Heritage Parade!

The Western Heritage Parade is the first of many exciting events of the 2014 Let’s Rodeo San Antonio! This big parade celebrates western heritage and tradition.

Drovers were the first group shown in the parade. They drove a herd of Longhorn cattle, like the Old West in the movies:


Rodeo parade-4


After the Longhorn cattle, cavalry units were marching in…


Rodeo parade-4-3

Those were authentic wagons!


wagon-3Rodeo parade-02

This is also one of the largest non-motorized displays in the region.Β 




The streets were all jam-packed near the Alamo Square area. We were in a not-so-crowded street, where I could enjoy taking pics.Β I may do a couple more posts for the Texas Cowboys and Cowgirls πŸ™‚


  • BullsΒ Weight=1400-2200lbs, Horns areΒ (generally)Β heavier at the base. Length of horn for a mature animal is from 50″ to 84″. Longest horned bull on record is 84″.
  • CowsΒ Weight=600-1400lbs, Horns areΒ (generally)Β smaller base. Length of horn for a mature animal is from 40″ to 84″.

Happy Thursday πŸ™‚

58 thoughts on “Western Heritage Parade!

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  2. What wonderful images of what looks like a fascinating event. I love the look of those long horn cattle….they look like quite an ancient breed….and those horns are magnificent. It makes them look quite wild and untamed πŸ™‚


  3. Oh Amy ! Such a brilliant photo parade of the gorgeous event ! Loved the first ones with the cattle and the local colour and tradition of the parade.Great share;I so much enjoyed my virtual travel there … Have a great Friday !


  4. Lovely photographs and thanks for sharing your trip with us, Amy.

    WOW! The longhorn cattle are pretty impressive, aren’t they? I had no idea that the cavalry were still in existence – I thought they were just in the old films, riding in to save everyone!!

    Sounds like a pretty impressive day and a wonderful way to enjoy the traditions and heritage.


  5. I would have loved to have seen this! Yes, you should do more posts on them. The trail riders from the Corpus Christi area had good weather this year. It has been years since I went to the SA rodeo. Yesterday I was in SA for the day but only for a check-up doctor appt. I like SA! Happy Valentine’s Day to you too – thanks for visiting.


    • Glad to know the weather has been good this year. We have had some real cool days (at around 20 and 30 degrees). Hope you get to see the parade next year; the Houston St was not crowded. We are going to see the Rodeo next week, but we didn’t get good seats. I didn’t know they started selling tickets four months ago πŸ™‚


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