Western Heritage Parade!

The Western Heritage Parade is the first of many exciting events of the 2014 Let’s Rodeo San Antonio! This big parade celebrates western heritage and tradition.

Drovers were the first group shown in the parade. They drove a herd of Longhorn cattle, like the Old West in the movies:


Rodeo parade-4


After the Longhorn cattle, cavalry units were marching in…


Rodeo parade-4-3

Those were authentic wagons!


wagon-3Rodeo parade-02

This is also one of the largest non-motorized displays in the region. 




The streets were all jam-packed near the Alamo Square area. We were in a not-so-crowded street, where I could enjoy taking pics. I may do a couple more posts for the Texas Cowboys and Cowgirls 🙂


  • Bulls Weight=1400-2200lbs, Horns are (generally) heavier at the base. Length of horn for a mature animal is from 50″ to 84″. Longest horned bull on record is 84″.
  • Cows Weight=600-1400lbs, Horns are (generally) smaller base. Length of horn for a mature animal is from 40″ to 84″.

Happy Thursday 🙂

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