Across the ROOFTOPS



— A view of the beautiful architecture of Prague from the top of the hill


— A pleasant view of the countryside from the top of Castelnaud Castle, France


— A grand view from the top of the Lafayette Galleria, Paris

SD roof patio

— Rooftop Patios, San Diego Bay Area


I love to let Doda’s Space in the Immense Universe take me to her beautiful space. “It all started with a glass of fine wine… It was a sunny day radiating positive energy and felt an immediate affinity with the rewarding views over the blue deep waters and the surrounding area.”– Doda

See Marianne’s beautiful rooftops and join the monthly CBBH 🙂 

50 thoughts on “Across the ROOFTOPS

  1. Amy !!! That’s a real parade of fabulous architectural images ! All of them are brilliant,but the first one is out of this world !!! I don’t think one can find a better one to present the theme !!!


  2. OM ! Blushed … , dear Amy ! Thank you so very much for the link to my humble post.Feel totally honoured and embarrassed at the same time.As a completely amateur blogger there is little I can do in order to participate in all these wonderful challenges you do.However,I would love to.
    Thanks a million for everything,Amy ; you are so considerate !!!


    • Your photos all are beautiful and your writing and stories are always eloquent. I feel privileged to visit your blog every time. I appreciate our blog friendship!


  3. It’s such a different perspective from high over the rooftops, isn’t it? I had the great pleasure of visiting Prague in December 2014 so was particularly delighted to see your first photo, Amy.

    Thanks for your links to two blogs you enjoy – I know Issy well, but it was fun to explore DG Maryoga’s blog, too 🙂

    Well done!


    • Thank you for hosting the fun them, Marianne! Prague is a lovely city, I also had a great time a couple years ago. It’s a great idea to recognize your blog buddies 🙂


    • Glad you like these shots, Lignum! It really is a creative way of maximizing the living space, considering San Diego is one of the most expensive housing in US.


  4. I’m contacting my good friend, Peter Parker, right now so I could swing with him over these rooftops. The first pic takes the cake, but each one has that “I want to fly” feel to it.


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