The Drum Tower, X’ian China

acient drum -4

The Drum Tower and the Bell Tower, located in Xi’an, China, were built in 1380. Both the drum and bell were used to report the time of the day, as a rule: “at dawn, ring the bell first, then beat the drum; at night, drum first, then ring the bell.”  They also used the drum as an alarm in emergency situations.

The Drum and Bell towers were restored in the mid of 90s, 12 drums were installed on the north side of the Tower and another 12 on the south side:

drum 3-3

Here is the Bell Tower, the bell is placed at the left corner of the Tower:


Today, they play the drums and the bell only on special festival days:

the bell-2

Notes: Xi’an

  • The city is famous for the Terracotta Army –one of the Eight Wonders of the world.
  • It is recognized by UNESCO as one of the historic cities.
  • Xi’an is the cradle of Chinese civilization. It has over 6,000 years of history of the founding of the city.
  • It has the longest history 1,200 years as a capital of 13 dynasties including the Qin Dynasty–the first emperor of Qin ordered to link all the walls in different regions into the Great Wall.
  • Between 206 BC and 9 AD, Xi’an was the world economic and cultural exchange center when the “Silk Road” was developed.
  • It is located in the northwest part of China, approx. 679 miles west of Beijing.

xian tower - night

If you’d like to read a little more about this ancient city, click here

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Happy Horse Year!

horse year



57 thoughts on “The Drum Tower, X’ian China

  1. Omigod, Those drums! You don’t know how badly I want to beat those drums. I don’t care what time of the day, whether emergency or not. 😆 I could spend an easy 20 big ones just to play the arcade drums they have here.


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  3. Such charming images and accompanying text. The ceremonial garb that the musicians are wearing is gorgeous. I also really love the symbol of the horse you have at the end of the post. Really nice graphic.


    • Appreciate you kind comment, Bonnet! I found the ceremonial photo on Internet. The rest of the photos were taken, while we were traveling China last summer. Happy to know you like it.


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  6. Their architect in China is just breathtaking…so much thought and preparation is put to their buildings. I have a book Amy that I just finished and it was so good. It is called “Falling Leaves”…you just won’t believe this family and how they treat their children. Google it and see if you would like it. I couldn’t put it down.


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