Dolomites isΒ located in northeastern Italy. For many skiers, hikers, and climbers, it is the most beautiful mountains on earth.


The dominant rock type has made the Dolomite different from the rest of the Alps. The rock forms vertical walls of white, gray, and pink that rise from green valleys and meadows…



A couple of years ago, we visited Dolomites. We stayed in different villages and did some serious hiking for four days. The dramatic scenery will stay with me forever long….


  • These sedimentary rocks were formed in warm tropical seas 250 million years ago, the marine and other animals, were buried, hardened, and later scooped upward along with the rest of the Alps by the tectonic-plate action of Africa slowly moved into Europe. Today, marine fossils are found atop the region’s highest peaks.
  • During WWI, many paths were cut into the range for military use. One of the famous wartime trails is the “Road of Tunnels”, which passes through 52 tunnels.


62 thoughts on “Dolomites

    • Yep, and I took those photo while hiking/walking, didn’t have time to aim carefully or measure the ISO stuff. Besides, my husband was way ahead of me… I think any one can take great pics there with his/her eyes closed πŸ™‚ Btw, I did use iPhone to bright it up for the 2nd and 3 rd pics πŸ™‚ Thank you for your compliment πŸ™‚


    • I took the pic while we were walking through the village and toward the mountains… I wish I had more time to shoot pics, but we had to hike to a certain point before it got dark…


  1. We spent time in the Dolomites a couple of years ago as well. They have such a different feel than the Alps to their north. Your photos reminded me that I should plan to return. πŸ™‚


  2. The alps are so beautiful from the window van when we drove from Italy to 9 other countries, esp. the ones in Germany and Austria. Winter in Florence is “dreamy” for me right now.


  3. Dolomites, interesting: “During WWI, many paths were cut into the range for military use. One of the famous wartime trails is the β€œRoad of Tunnels”, which passes through 52 tunnels…”


    • It looks like you drove through Dolomite πŸ™‚ Years ago, we took a train from Venice to Vienna and Salzburg, it made wonder how they built train tracks through the Alps…


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