Travel theme: Silver


— Corpus Christi, Texas


— Cloud Gate (The Bean), Chicago


— Tolerance Sculptures, Houston, Texas

These seven sculptures of kneeling men named Tolerance were designed by Jaume Plensa, an internationally renowned contemporary Spanish artist and sculptor. Each is ten ten-foot tall. Photo credit to the Smithsonian Magazine


Mosbacher, widow of former U.S. Secretary of Commerce Robert Mosbacher, detailed her involvement with the project: the idea was initiated by a vicious 2006 hate crime attack against then 16-year-old Latino student, David Ritcheson, who later committed suicide. Mosbacher quoted the United Nations definition of tolerance and how it relates to the city:

“Tolerance is harmony in our differences. Tolerance is not a concession, it’s not a condensation, or indulgence.”

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Happy weekend:)

55 thoughts on “Travel theme: Silver

  1. Since I’m in Rockport Texas right now, I’ll need to go to Corpus Christi next week and check out where your top photo was taken. I always enjoy seeing photos of ‘the bean’. I grew up in the Chicago burbs and go back each summer to visit my dad. Nice collection depicting the Foto Challenge:-)


    • It looks like the weather is going to be warm in Corpus Christi next week. So glad to know you grew up in the Chicago burbs. I visited there in June last year, always love the city, so much to see, the Art Institute, Grand park, the Lake…


    • I didn’t get a good photo of the sculptures and was glad to find this beautiful night image posted by the Smithsonian Magazine. Thank you for stopping by, Angeline!


  2. Start praising the fantastic silver cloudscape,the Bean and the destorted reflections on it or the Tolerance sculptures ? Splendid choices to approach the Silver theme,dear Amy !!!
    Have a creative week agead,my dear friend:) !!!


  3. What beautiful choices, Amy. They are all just lovely. The sky is a gorgeous shade of silver! And I’ve always wanted to see The Bean. The Tolerance Sculptures are new to me, but they make a fabulous statement! Really nice!


  4. While the landscape shot is beautiful, the statues are stunning. This being a travel theme it is interesting to me that it was from travel that I gained tolerance – it was the single most important thing I brought back with me from my first major trip many decades ago. Good post Amy.


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