The CN Tower in Toronto

The CN Tower in Toronto is 553.33 m or 1,815.4 ft. high. This shot was from the Glass Floor on top of the Tower with a view 1,122′ straight down.


Here is part of the Glass Floor…Many adults were crawling across it or sitting on it, but kids had a great time jumping on the glass 🙂  :


Looking down from Dolomite was not as thrilling as from the CN Tower, but the view was picturesque, and it was challenging to climb up there.

Happy to see you 🙂

46 thoughts on “The CN Tower in Toronto

  1. Fantastic shots, Amy – there is a similar glass platform at the top of the SkyTower in Auckland. Amazing.

    I don’t know either of your links this month – so I’ll HOP over there right away 🙂

    Great entry 🙂


  2. The glass floor in the CN Tower is something to be experienced… I have a paralyzing fear of heights but decided I was walking across if it was the last thing I ever did… when I got to the middle, like you said, kids started jumping up and down and the whole thing was creaking and shaking! After the first time I was able to walk across quite easily several more times while my companion stood clinging to the side shaking in his shoes… But I felt really good I had forced myself to walk across!


  3. The Dolomite view is breathtaking! But that glass floor makes me queasy Amy 🙂
    My first exposure to Shimon’s blog was through that poem, and I found it deeply moving too.


    • Walking on the glass floor was an experience that I’ll never forget 🙂 Shimon’s poem really “getting to the heart of the matter”! Thank you for your comment, Madhu!


  4. Thank you so much for your kind words about me. I’ve been going through some very difficult life changes… and as a result have been spending less time with the computer… every now and then, though, I get very curious, and want to know what my friends are up to… This evening was one of those times. There are so many blog posts to read… I’m a little overwhelmed. But it’s fun, all the same.


    • Hello, Mr. Shimon. I’m saddened to hear you’ve been going through very difficult life changes. It sounded like you’ve adjusted the location change well through your recent posts. According to the report, over 499,000 WP posts a day. people must have high desire to share and to connect to the world. I guess it’s a good thing. Thank you for stopping by and share your thoughts. Hope you’ll feel ease from the changes soon.

      Here is about the interconnections:


      • Thank you for your concern. It’s not really so bad, because I’ve been learning a lot through it all. But at my age, living in temporary circumstances, without my tools, and my normal day to day life… it’s a difficult time… and I don’t know how long it’ll take. But I have hopes it will be resolved soon, and I know I’ll feel better then.


        • Changing is such a long process, adjusting is not always easy. Especially you had lived the place for 40 years (right?) As long as we have our health and we are connected with people, maybe, we can adjust a little better.


  5. The photo of – Looking down from Dolomite – has made me dizzy as if I were there. Excellent !!! I’m afraid of heights. I wonder if I would have attempted it? Probably, not.
    These photos definitely say – DOWN!!!! On my way, to visit your 2 blogs listed although I do follow Mr. Shimon Z. He does have a great deal of wisdom. It’s nice to get to see some blogs we might otherwise miss.
    I wish there were more hours in a day. ~~~~~ : – )
    Issy xo


    • Though I’m not afraid of the high of a mountain, I’m scared of looking down from a high building. Glad you visited Mr. Shimon’s blog, he can use simple words to deliver his wisdom and insights eloquently. I agree, these were so many hours a day… I think I have maxi’ed my hours 🙂


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